A Message from Sir Fun Bear!

We hope you are all doing well! It has been a rough time for so many families and we know the kids have missed out on special activities. They can still enjoy one of their favorite traditions, our Santa Secret Shop and Holiday gift Shop Programs. We have developed a Virtual Holiday Gift Shopping program that enables students and their families to shop right in their own home!

With some parental supervision, children will still be able to experience the “Joy of Giving” this coming Christmas/Holiday season. Sir Fun Bear will greet them at the Fun Services Virtual Gift Shop where they will see a great selection of gifts for everyone in the family. Our signature gift bags will be included in each order so that the kids can double-check their gifts and enjoy wrapping them.

Chairperson’s main responsibilities:

  • Select Dates (we encourage starting early November)
  • Choose your delivery and profit options (choose one below)
    • Delivery to the school or chairperson home (individually packed and labeled)
      • 20 % profit back to the parent organization
    • Deliver direct to home (via USPS) a flat fee of $5.00 for each purchase
      • 10% Profit back to the parent organization
  • Make sure everyone knows about this Virtual Shopping Opportunity.
  • Check on student participation through our shopping website.


1. Provide E-Fliers, School ID#, and Chairperson Password
2. Pack gifts by student regardless of delivery option chosen
3. Deliver Merchandise to the School or ship direct.
4. In January, issue a check to your sponsoring organization.


1. ADVERTISE & SPREAD THE WORD about your Gift Shop! * SHARE the Link to your Shopping Site Daily *
2. Use Mass Emails and All Call systems to inform parents.
3. Email Fun Services E-Parent Letter to all parents.
4. Promote your Gift Shop via Social Media and other platforms. Ex: Facebook, Instagram, School Announcements, etc.

We highly encourage you to run your program in early November.

Virtual Shopping

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