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How It Works

At Holiday Shop for Kids by Fun Services, our team provides free delivery and pickup, a streamlined accounting system, and all the gifts and promotional materials you need to make your school holiday shop a success.

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Step One - Sign Up

Start by filling out our holiday shop sign-up form or reaching out to us directly at (973) 450-9610 or . One of our dedicated team members will then provide you with all the information you need to begin setting up your school’s holiday shop.


Step Two - Delivery and Set-Up


One of our in-house, professional delivery drivers will drop off all your school holiday shop materials between three and five days before your shop starts running. We package everything we deliver to meet your school’s specific needs. Our school holiday shop bundles include:

  • Approximately 100 different items in varying quantities
  • Tablecloths for displaying the gifts
  • Secure cashbox
  • Free promotional materials
    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Full colored parent letters
    • Money envelopes
    • Self-sealing mylar gift bags in four sizes
    • A detailed “How To” guide

We typically deliver 20% more products than the estimated number that will sell. However, if you do happen to run out of gifts, reorders are available at no additional charge, and our team personally delivers them to your school. As long as you place your reorder request before 3:00 pm, you will receive your delivery that night or the next day.

Set-Up and Run Your School Holiday Shop

All gift packages include itemized lists, making it easy to organize and set up your holiday shop. In addition, each piece of merchandise is price coded, and our Cash Register App streamlines the checkout process.


Step Three - Completion and Pickup

Once your school holiday shop wraps up, the Holiday Shop for Kids team will pick up all unsold merchandise at no charge. Then, shortly after, we send your payment based on your total sales. It’s that simple!

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