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Delivering The Magic of Holiday Shopping

Since 1968, Holiday Shop for Kids by Fun Services has provided school children a safe and enjoyable way to buy holiday gifts for their families. We have delivered our Traditional Holiday Shop bundles directly to public, private, and charter schools throughout New Jersey and New York for more than 50 years.

What Does a Traditional Holiday Shop Include?

Over 100 Popular Gifts!

Our Traditional Holiday Shop bundle includes around 100 different gifts in varying quantities. These include gifts for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and more! Based on current trends, we send overages of our best sellers to prevent your holiday shop from running out of its most popular items. All gifts arrive at your school packaged in neatly organized boxes with itemized lists for easy inventory tracking. Additionally, we provide tablecloths you can use to display the gifts.

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Affordable Pricing

Our best-selling gifts are priced between $3.50 and $5.00. However, the retail pricing of our entire inventory ranges from as low as $.50 up to $16.50.


Free Promotional Materials

We include free promotional materials to help spread the word about your school holiday shop. Your school will receive flyers to hand out to students and posters to put up around the school. We also provide beautifully designed letters for children to bring home to their parents, along with money envelopes to keep their money safe.


Additional Items

Your Holiday Shop for Kids’ delivery includes glossy mylar gift bags in four different sizes for children to bring home their presents. We can also provide you with a cashbox to keep the money your school collects secure.


School Holiday Shops for Winter and Spring

Our winter shop bundles include family gifts for all celebrations during the holiday season. And when May and June approach, we offer both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day school holiday shops. Our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day shops include all the most popular gifts that parents will treasure for years to come.

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What if Students Are Absent When Our Holiday Shop Is Running?

Children who are unable to attend school while your holiday shop is running will have access to our secure virtual holiday shop. Gifts ordered through our virtual shopping platform can be delivered to the school or the child’s home.

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