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Bringing the Magic of Holiday Shopping to Your School

Holiday Shop for Kids has provided schools with a safe, fun way for children to complete their holiday shopping for over 50 years. Students can buy fabulous gifts for their families in a comfortable environment, surrounded by teachers and friends.

The Benefits of Choosing Holiday Shop for Kids

Risk-Free Delivery and Pickup

Because all of the holiday gifts we provide are on consignment, there are no costs you will need to cover! Not only that, we deliver all your holiday shop needs for free. And when your school holiday shop comes to a close, our team picks up any unsold merchandise.

Free Promotional Materials

Holiday Shop for Kids by Fun Services provides plenty of free promotional materials to help ensure your shop’s success. These promotional materials include:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Full colored parent letters
  • Money envelopes
  • Self-sealing mylar gift bags in four sizes
  • A detailed “How To” guide
Holiday Shop Materials
Holiday Shop cash register app screenshot

User-Friendly Holiday Shopping App

The My Fun Services Holiday Shop Cash Register app enables teachers or volunteers to view sales subtotals and calculate the correct change easily. We conveniently number all our gifts between 1 and 20, and each number is associated with that specific gift’s price. Then, when a student makes a purchase, you tap on the gifts’ associated numbers, and the total order updates live. We all know that children can change their minds in a heartbeat, so our holiday shopping app also lets you remove any unwanted items during the checkout process.

Gift Cards

Many parents may not want their children to walk around carrying cash. Therefore, the promotional letters sent to parents include a gift card voucher and a scannable QR code that links to our secure digital payment system. Parents and other family members can contribute their desired amount to the child’s gift card, fill in the correlating information on the voucher, and that is the only thing that child needs to bring to school to shop.

Young girl holding big wrapped gift

Holiday Shops for Schools Throughout New Jersey and New York

Holiday Shop for Kids by Fun Services is a locally owned and operated business. Located in Fairfield, New Jersey, we have helped set up holiday shops in hundreds of schools all around our state and in New York. We partner with PTAs, PTOs, and HSAs, providing public, private, and charter schools with everything they need to run a successful holiday shop.

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